Battery Backup System

How does it work?

In a battery back-up system, the residence is completely off the public grid, meaning the main supply of electricity comes from solar. During the day when the solar system is in production it supplies power to the residence and the battery-bank. The batteries are kept charged until the night comes, when the solar system is not in production.

Grid-Tied / Battery Backup PV Systems

The "Grid-Tie With Battery Backup" PV system incorporates one or more special AC circuits which are not directly connected to the electric grid like the rest of the building, but are always powered through the inverter and/or charge controller. These circuits may power a refrigerator, selected lights, computers or servers... any devices the owner deems essential.

The "dual function" inverter can supply the utility grid with any excess power produced by the system like the "grid-tie" inverter, plus the inverter works with the PV modules and battery bank (through the charge controller) to provide AC power to the backup circuits when the grid is down. The charge controller manages the battery voltage, keeping them fully charged when the grid is live, and preventing them from being depleted when the system is drawing power from them.

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